⭐️ Menu of Services ⭐️

Whenever onboarding a new client, I take a tailored approach to best support the way YOU work. I want to ✨ enhance ✨ and amplify the work you’re already doing, not completely throw a wrench in things 🔧

Every service below can be customized to suit the way your team is already set up.

Digital PR

Simply put, I help companies of all sizes earn coverage in the media. Whether it is online, print, TV, or through podcasts, I help get more visibility for you and your business.

Thought Leadership PR

If you’re looking for someone to support you in increasing the credibility and authority of your personal brand, I can help you tell your stories and ideas and line up media coverage.

Content Strategy

If you don’t have an overarching content strategy, you’re missing out on the power of having all your communications efforts support one another. I help produce a strategic vision that will, in turn, support other business objectives such as increasing sales, reaching new customers, and improving search visibility.

Consulting & Training

If you already have in-house teams focused on your content strategy and/or digital PR but are looking for someone to help refine your process or introduce new strategies and ideas, I can provide training sessions (virtual or in-person).

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