Vocal Ranges of the World’s Greatest Singers

ConcertHotels commissioned my team at Distilled to produce, create and promote a series of content pieces that would receive coverage in entertainment and general lifestyle publications. One of our most successful content pieces was one in which we created a visualization comparing the vocal ranges of some of the world’s most popular singers.

Axl Rose was deemed to be the singer with the widest vocal range and even ended up commenting on the ranking. Mark Johnstone, my teammate who came up with the idea, hilariously summarized the story here.

Along with contributing to the idea and developing the story angles, I strategized the media plan and executed the outreach. Highlights include:

  • Coverage in top-tier national publications such as TIME Magazine, Bustle, Fast Company, HuffPost and Vox.
  • Coverage in top-tier entertainment publications like Rolling Stone, and SPIN.
  • Over 150,000 social shares.
  • The piece has since received over 2.5 million visits, 4.6K backlinks and 7599 referring domains.

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